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"They say we know who we are from the reflections of the people around you. Men don't often think about how they are being perceived by women. Big mistake. Women have an absolute built-in sense of style. You can try to develop your own style by looking at the mirror in the department store. It won't work. You need a woman by your side who can reflect back to you and help you translate your own expression of yourself. That exactly what Diana will help you do."

Alex S.
SF Bay Area

“Any man can benefit from Diana’s services, but particularly men that are busy, embarrassed to go shopping alone, are lost when it comes to fashion, or need guidance from someone that is gentle, encouraging, fun and exciting to go shopping with.”  

Chris F.
SF Bay Area

“First of all, I HATE shopping.

With that being said, I know that I need clothes - desperately - because I want to look sharp, presentable and polished for my job at a startup, but the thought of going shopping, not knowing what to buy or where to even begin was really daunting for me.

I must confess, that I had a blast with Diana’s “Power Shopping” experience once we figured out my personal style.

Trying on clothing on one after another made me feel like I was using my time efficiently, and not wasting one single second.  I felt a deeper sense of confidence knowing the new look was congruent with who I am and the image I want to portray.

I felt exhilarated because of what I was going to GAIN going forward, knowing I was one step closer to rounding out my "look" and wardrobe was intensely exciting for me.”

Scott P.
San Jose, CA

“I haven't bought new clothes in at least 20 years, in fact, the truth is I own the same pair of jeans that I had 20+ years ago!

Hey, it still fit and was a designer brand, so why not keep wearing it?

Obviously, the cost to me personally was big. I was wearing outdated clothing in which I didn't feel my best.

I understand that confidence comes from within, however, when you wear outdated clothing (even designer brands), it's hard to muster self respect when you know you're feeling self-conscious and unsure.

Subtleties like that can always be felt by others -- especially women.

After working with Diana, I feel good to know that when I put on a certain shirt, pair of pants, etc., that it aligns with who I really am. I can wear it with confidence, feel good about the image I portray and know that one area of my life has been handled completely.” 


David B.
San Francisco, CA