Discover Your Signature Style,
Upgrade Your Wardrobe.
Create Your Signature Style And With It,
A Natural, Commanding Presence.

As you’ll read below, this is a fun and dynamic process that will ultimately give you exactly what you want:

A powerful, natural commanding presence that originates from choosing the right style and clothing specifically based on who you are today, what image you want to project, and melding them together into one seamless and compelling package.

Here's How It Works:
Discover Your Signature Style: When you’re confident in yourself and the way you look, you become unstoppable -- simply watch how things change when you achieve this mindset through proper alignment of your true self and the clothing you wear. Phase 1 begins by clearly identifying your true Signature Style
Command and Conquer Your Wardrobe: Now things get interesting. With your Signature Style mapped out, it’s time to take command of your wardrobe. In Phase 2 we’ll create your Signature Style by upgrading your wardrobe through fun, interactive power-shopping. This is the day you turbo-charge your self-image and confidence.
Exclusive Personal Shopping: Imagine having someone shop for you while you’re at work, with the kids, or doing ANYTHING else. Once we’ve established your Signature Style and your personal brand, I’ll then be able to PERSONALLY shop for you as often as you need in order to improve upon, enhance, and complete, your Signature Style. This is an add-on service and only offered to select clients.
Phase 1:   Your Signature Styling Session

A Signature Styling Session is a completely confidential, in-person consultation where I ask you thought provoking questions to discover your biggest frustrations, challenges and personal and professional aspirations, and how your Signature Style will become a conduit to getting to where you want to be - in all facets of your life.

It is important that I get to know you.

The more I understand you and your lifestyle, the more I can help you achieve the outcomes you desire.

Why is this information important?

Because without it, you are literally rudderless and left without an action plan to get from point A to point B, especially when it comes to how intricately involved your wardrobe is in helping you get there.

Once we’ve reached clarity on who you are and who you want to be, we can then begin the process of establishing your Signature Style.

Remember: You want to command a presence through your clothing and Signature Style, but you also don’t want to look like you’re trying hard to look good.

You should have an authentic expression at all times -- that’s the primary goal of discovering YOUR Signature Style.

What Is Your ‘Signature Style’?

Your Signature Style is a personalized look that embodies the complete YOU: your passions, your personality, your expressions, your professional and personal life, and even your body type.

Your Signature Style will be built from the ground up to enhance your current level of influence and create instant rapport with others, whether in personal or professional settings.
After all, what are clothes really but an expression of our true selves and the image we want to project to the world?

Your Signature Style is NOT About Fashion or Being Trendy...

Unlike fashion -- which is about keeping up with the latest trends, built for obsolescence and mass produced -- style is personal, it’s your essence, a reflection of your personality.

Style is an expression of your innate authentic self and it’s unique to you.

Once you’ve defined your Signature Style people will notice you, remember you and feel connected to you for the simple reason that you become MEMORABLE for all the right reasons.

When you’re confident in yourself and the way you look, you become unstoppable -- simply watch how things change when you achieve this mindset through proper alignment of your true self and the clothing you wear.

More to the point, your Signature Style will elevate your vibration to get more of what you really want in life: a promotion, a date, to reignite your current relationship, or increase new opportunities.

Above and beyond anything else, your Signature Style allows you to be YOU -- confident, congruent and in command of your presence and outcomes without even saying a word.

During our consultation, you will gain clarity that will allow you to understand and embrace your authentic and personal brand -- your “style” based on who you genuinely are -- so you project it with confidence in all areas of your life.

It will be a natural evolution of your commanding presence.

How Does A Signature Styling Session Work?

  • Ultimate Personal Clarity: Our first step is to help you gain clarity regarding what presence you want to command and project to your target audience (be they professional or personal) and pinpoint an authentic identity that reflects your updated presence congruent with your true self.

  • Unique Styling: We’ll then identify the best stylistic strategies that will empower your Signature Style in a way that enhances your assets and minimizes any flaws through the proper use and combinations of fabric, texture, color and design.

  • Color Palette: Once I understand your authentic identity and unique look, we’ll then work together to create a personalized color palette with the most congruent colors that flatter and enhance your assets, reflect your personality and connect to your personal brand and the image you want to portray.

How Will My Personalized Signature Styling Session Help Me?

It’s simple really: Who are you? Who do you want to be? How do you want to be perceived? What kind of presence would you like to portray?

What’s your next level of potential that you’re not tapping into but ultimately want to achieve?

What image do you want to present to the world, and what is your unique “style” that not only makes you feel empowered and confident, but also reflects your true nature and personality?

At the end of Phase 1, you will be in command of your own personal style -- even if it only involved a slight refinement.

You will now have the confidence that the style and image you are projecting -- in all facets of life, be they personal or professional -- is unique to you.

This is when you’ll start to notice subtle things in your life changing -- how people respond to you, what you accomplish and what you begin to attract both personally and professionally.

Phase 2:   Command and Conquer Your Wardrobe

When you’re about to get dressed in the morning, how do you feel?

Do you feel confident?

Or, do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed or maybe even a bit angry because your closet is filled with outdated clothes that don’t fit you anymore or they don’t reflect the image you want to project?

Maybe your clothes are tired and worn, ill-fitting or unflattering.

Or maybe you’re not even sure what you should be wearing to begin with?

So, what do you do?

You throw on what’s comfortable, even if it looks terrible, fits wrong and makes you feel ridiculous -- the same pair of jeans, the same shoes, the same t-shirt, the same dress pants, shirt and tie, or some other boring and tired variation of stuff you wear all the time.

Stop Doing That To Yourself!

Nothing kills confidence faster than wearing clothes that are out-of-alignment with who you are today and how you’d like to be perceived by others.

So what image is your current wardrobe currently projecting?

If it’s been awhile since you’ve gone shopping, chances are your closet is full of clothes that don’t align with the person you are today or the true image you are trying to project.

It’s even possible that your current image and wardrobe are holding you back from being happy and from increased opportunities because you’re not making a statement that conveys the image you want, and as a result, has led you to become a bit hesitant in your interactions with others - even on a subconscious level.

In order to solve this problem, we’ll have to “command and conquer your wardrobe”.

We’ll start with a solid foundation -- keeping the good while letting go of anything that drags you down and doesn’t empower you.

How Will I Command And Conquer My Wardrobe?

With your Signature Style in hand, your first step is to complement the wardrobe you already have -- if there are elements in it that fit the new you -- or completely revamp your look.

Our goal is to define the look you want, create and implement a plan of attack regarding where you can find that look, and then get after it with purpose and precision.

We’re going to Command and Conquer your wardrobe through intelligent, focused, results-oriented shopping.

Here’s how we take command and conquer your wardrobe - quickly:

  • Stage 1 (Foundation): Stage 1 is all about laying the foundation for your updated wardrobe. Whether your focus is on your career, your social life or both, we’ll attack what’s been missing in your wardrobe to start creating the commanding presence you’re after. Stage 1 usually includes larger pieces of clothing such as pants and shirts, then we refine in Stage 2 and 3.

  • Stage 2 (Layering): Now it’s time to layer and add even more bold and powerful alternatives that will further refine your look and give you more options when you open your closet each morning. Stage 2 refines your look by adding layers, alternate colors, outfits and options while preparing you to accessorize and fine-tune your wardrobe in Stage 3.

  • Stage 3 (Accessorising): Maybe you’re a simple guy that only needs a watch, socks or a few ties to round out your look, or perhaps you want to take things up a couple of notches and include upgrades to the pens you use or the iPad case you’re carrying around and really define your commanding presence. Regardless, accessories complete a look and at the end of stage 3, you’ll not only have your basic foundation and layers in place, but you’ll top it all off with smart, fun, and cohesive accessories that take your Signature Style to its final conclusion.

As you’re beginning to see, there is so much that goes into creating a natural, commanding presence.

At the end of this process you will begin to feel different because you’re going to look different and you’re going to DEEPLY APPRECIATE the power shopping experience I offer!

In fact, my shopping trips are specifically designed for the no-nonsense, quick-decision making kind of man.

You don’t like to waste time and you’re eager to get your wardrobe complete in the least amount of time possible.

Here’s what one private client had to say about shopping with me:

  “Any man can benefit from this...but particularly men that are busy, embarrassed to go shopping alone, are lost when it comes to fashion, or need guidance from someone that is gentle, encouraging, fun and exciting to go shopping with.”
- Chris -- San Jose.
How Will Taking Command and Conquering My Wardrobe Help Me?

What would it feel like for you to be relaxed, at ease and confident every time you open your closet?

Imagine your closet being transformed from outdated and frustrating, to stylish, modern and up-to-date.

Imagine knowing with CERTAINTY, that anything you put on will fit right, accentuate your style and demand instant credibility while creating a commanding presence.

Imagine saving valuable time by making smart and strategic purchases, getting dressed faster and leaving your house feeling more confident and aligned with who you are and the image you want to project personally and professionally.

That’s exactly what you’ll get by the end of Phase 2.

The best part?

You will look forward to getting dressed and having people SEE and NOTICE what you are wearing -- noticing YOU -- and you’ll start to feel the ripples of this impact your entire life.

Phase 3:   Exclusive Personal Shopping


Are you too busy to go shopping?

Do you consider shopping a waste of your time, but a necessary evil?

The biggest complaint I get with the clients I work with is that they simply don’t have any time for shopping or they would rather be doing something -- anything -- else instead.

I often hear the phrase: “I hate shopping and never know what to buy or where to go...”

If you’re like most busy guys, this refrain probably sounds very familiar.

And if it does, then you’re going to find my exclusive personal shopping services absolutely priceless!

How Will Your Personal Shopping Services Help Me?

Let’s be realistic. If you’re anything like most busy, professional men, shopping for clothing is probably one of the last things on your mind after a long hard day.

Or maybe you do like shopping, but right now you are in a phase where your business or personal life needs your full attention.

Either way, I’ve got you covered.

Imagine having someone shop for you while you’re at work, relaxing at home, with the kids, or doing ANYTHING else.

The best part is that after establishing your Signature Style in Phase 1, I’m now able to shop for you on a select basis in order for you to complete and enhance your initial wardrobe upgrade.

Here’s how my personal shopping services work:

  • Stage 1 (Master Shopping List): During Phase 1 and 2, we will create a ‘master’ shopping list based on your budget and timeframe for completing your wardrobe. Any items that you still don’t feel comfortable with or weren’t able to find to complete your Signature Style, we’ll then add to my “to-do” list.

  • Stage 2 (Personal Shopping): Here’s where you get to free up your time and let me do the shopping for you while you work, play, or do anything else. We’ll figure out a system that works using pictures, texts, email or other forms of communication. If you’re just too busy, then I’ll take care of everything for you -- we’ll simply schedule a time to go over the items for fitting, returns, or alterations.

  • Stage 3 (Last Minute Shopping): What happens when you’ve got something coming up and you simply must have the right clothing?Special events, a wedding anniversary, a date, a formal, a board or management meeting, or something else equally important? This is where I can really help you get something at the very last minute to give you the confidence you need so you’re completely covered for that special event.

How Will Your Personal Shopping Services Help Me?

There are many benefits to having a professional that helped shape your Signature Style shopping on your behalf.

Some are tangible: more time for work, play, your family or anything else.

Others are intangible: feeling at ease, relaxed and confident.

Taken together, my clients refer to this as peace of mind in knowing someone is helping you take care of this aspect of your life, and they absolutely love the freedom it brings.

Once Phase 1 and 2 are complete, we can then discuss my exclusive personal shopping services that I only offer to select clients.

It’s Time To Get Started

If you’re finally ready to get a handle on this area of your life and create a natural, commanding presence through enhancing your wardrobe and confidence, contact me immediately for a free consultation.

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